image of gorilla holding newspaper book title and author names

The Invisible Gorilla is being translated and published worldwide. Below is a current list of editions. Publication dates are listed when they have been set.

Crown book cover
United States and Canada
Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: May 18, 2010

HarperCollins book cover
United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (and other English editions)
Publication date: May/June 2010

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Russia (Russian edition)
Hippo Publishers - Kariera Press
Publication date: December 16, 2010

Chinese edition book cover
China-mainland (simplfied Chinese edition)
China Renmin University Press
Publication date: January 2011

Japanese book cover
Japan (Japanese edition)
Bungei Shunju
Publication date: February 10 2011

Indonesian book cover
Indonesia (Indonesian edition)
Linikita Publishing
Publication date: February 2011

HarperCollins book cover
United Kingdom Paperback
Publication date: March 3, 2011

Korean book cover
South Korea (Korean edition)
Gimm-Young Publishers
Publication date: March 4 2011

image of German cover
Germany (German edition)
Piper Verlag
Publication date: April 10 2011

Book cover Taiwan
China-Taiwan (complex Chinese edition)
Commonwealth Publishing Co.
Publication date: April 20 2011

Image of Dutch cover
Netherlands (Dutch edition)
Publication date: April 21 2011

image of Greek cover
Greece (Greek edition)
Armos Publishing
Publication date: May 2011

image of spanish book cover
Argentina (Spanish edition)
Siglo Press
Publication date: June 2 2011

image of Brazil cover
Brazil (Portugese edition)
Editora Rocco
Publication date: July 2011

Hungarian book cover
Hungary (Hungarian edition)
Agave Konyvek Publishing
Publication date: October 2011

Polish book cover
Poland (Polish edition)
MT Biznes
Publication date: October 20 2011

Coming soon placeholder
Israel (Hebrew edition)
Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir Publishing House
Publication date: February 2012

Turkish book cover
Turkey (Turkish edition)
Dogus Holding/NTV
Publication date: March 2012

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Italy (Italian edition)
Sole 24 Ore
Publication date: June 2012

Coming soon placeholder
Spain (Spanish edition)
RBA Editoria (sublicensed from Siglo in Argentina)
Publication date: May 2012

Coming soon placeholder
Thailand (Thai edition)
Publication date: October 2013